Homemade Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite meals … And I can’t imagine many wouldn’t agree! And what better way to enjoy pizza, than making it at home and putting exactly what you want on it!

I have tried many variations of a homemade pizza, but my favorite is junk pizza with no meat. Although I wouldn’t turn down a slice if there was meat on it, because I love pizza that much!

I recognize that homemade pizza is pretty self explanatory, and the need for a “recipe” is moot. But it’s still fun to share inspiration and a mutual love for food … after all, that’s why we’re here, right!?

Homemade Pizza

I have tried a multitude of crusts and I have so far found my two favorites. Most of the time I like a doughy pizza crust, so I go with Boboli Original Pizza Crust …

But this time I decided to go with a Thin Fire Roasted Flavor Crust made by Archer Farms, which is found at Target. (You will slowly figure out that I do a majority of my grocery shopping at Target).

I originally bought this crust when I was making pizza for a girls night and needed a few pizzas … Because this puppy comes with TWO crusts! So if you’re entertaining, you can make two different types of pizzas or set the other aside for another pizza night for yourself.

I go pretty classic with my pizza sauce and have found that Ragu’s Original Pizza Sauce is where it’s at. And when I said that I like junk pizza, I meant it … I love veggies, I love spicy and I love sweet. So I used the following …

Fresh Spinach, Red Peppers, Roma Tomato, Mushrooms, Onion, Jalapeno, Pineapple and Fresh Mozzarella.

I dice all my veggies (and fruit) up and place in layers, evenly, on top of the sauce I’ve spread on my crust. Then I slice approximately 1/4 inch slices of the fresh mozzarella and place it evenly over all the veggies. *Have no fear, upon melting, it will spread more.

Upon baking, I follow the crust packaging instructions, as to not burn the crust. For this crust, it calls for 400 degrees for approximately 12-15 minutes. When all the cheese is melted, I will usually turn off the oven and then turn on the broiler and brown the cheese for a minute or two. I like a soft melted cheese with that golden brown look.

Enjoy your pizza!!!


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I love food, and I like talking about food.

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